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Artist's Statement

I work primarily in two mediums – collage and printmaking.  Each medium requires a different process but the starting point is the same.  I begin with a blank surface and divide the available surface and fill those spaces by using lines, colours and shapes to produce a representational or abstract piece.

In collage, I prefer to use straight lines and geometrical shapes to divide a surface. I will further subdivide the spaces using colour, shapes or images usually in juxtaposition or rearrange existing material to produce an original work.  A cutting or tearing method is used with the resulting pieces glued to a surface. This is a process of deconstruction and reconstruction resulting in a transformation.  Collage is more spontaneous and the results more serendipitous. 

Printmaking is complex and technical.  Many techniques may be used to create and print a plate.  I may choose to do a monoprint (single original piece) or print an edition (a limited number of multiple copies from a created original plate).  The printmaking process is methodical/rational and less spontaneous.  There is more distance or time between the start and completion of a print than there is in the making of a collage.

My work reflects a love for repetitive patterns, juxtapositions, contrasts and geometry. Using these, I deal with social or environmental issues, diametrical positions and sometimes just the ordinary and decorative. My work originates from an intellectual space and not from the emotional side although some work may be a result of something from deep within.  

Agnes Ananichuk, Victoria BC

email: aananichukart @ shaw.ca

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